Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I try out for SCVA HP, am I also trying out for USA HP?

A: NO.  Each High Performance program has tryouts independent of each other.  There is a link on our website to USA HP should you be interested in their tryouts.

Q: Does my daughter need to try out on all of the dates, and if so, is it an additional fee?
A.  One try out is sufficient, however you are welcome to attend more than once (for whatever reason – want to try out again, felt you had a bad first try out…).  The try out fee of $75 (early registration) is applicable to EACH tryout date.

Q: What is the time commitment for SCVA HP?
A.  Teams traveling to the USA HP Championships will practice on the evenings of the week prior to the tournament.  Those teams will then travel together to compete in the competition.  Teams traveling to the BIP Global Challenge in Europe will have 1-2 practices the week prior to departure.  These teams will then meet at LAX on their departure date to travel together on the trip.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for trying out for SCVA HP?
A: No, there are not.  It does not matter if you tried out in previous years or not.  Each year is a fresh slate.

Q:  Does SCVA HP conflict with the current club season?
A:  No, it does not.  Only the SCVA HP tryouts are held during the current club season.  The actual HP commitment is after club is completed.

Q: What are the estimated costs for the SCVA HP trips?
A:  Estimated costs for those traveling to the USA HP Tournament are approximately $1750-$2000.  For those teams traveling to the European Global Challenge it is approximately $4000-$4500.  These are only estimates, but based on the last 5-6 years, they are fairly accurate.

Q: What exactly does the fee cover?
A: Flights to and from the competition, ground transportation while at the competition (if needed), tournament fees, hotel, food, coaches fees, equipment (Asics), court costs, practice week fees, etc. The only thing players will need additional money for is if they would like to buy gifts, souvenirs, snacks or other extra things.

Q: Can parents travel to the tournaments?
A: Absolutely! Parents MUST make travel arrangements and plans on their own. SCVA will NOT be assisting in travel arrangements of any kind. Team travel information will be/is available on this website on the Parent Information page!

Q: Can my daughter travel with her parents to/from the tournament?
A: We expect all athletes travel together to and from the tournament. The flight information
will be/is posted on the website.  Group tickets can NOT be changed, should your daughter chose to forfeit
her return portion of the flight she may do so, but she would need to be accompanied with you or a legal guardian and be excused from the team by the Head Coach/ SCVA HP Tournament Director.  If you choose to extend your stay, you will be forfeiting your daughter’s return flight.

Q: How much money should I send with my daughter?
A: It depends on the individual/ family and which tournament the players are attending. We are not recommending any certain amount.  For the European trip we strongly suggest a debit card or pre-paid credit card (but make sure you read the fine print and the card will work), not money orders.

Q: Will there be chaperones?
A: Yes, they are called coaches. Coaches are responsible for their players at all times. Players will have curfews (curfews will be set by each coaching staff depending upon the time they return to the hotel and the next day's schedule) and players won't be permitted to go off unsupervised. All athletes are expected to be in groups of at least 4 when not at the playing sites.

Q: I've heard my daughter is expected to do her own shopping and laundry, is this right?
A: YES! Players will be responsible to do their own shopping and laundry. Coaches will drive them to and from (if needed) and offer help and guidance where needed.

Q: What if my daughter breaks the Parent-Player Policies Agreement?
A: Depending upon the severity, we will NOT hesitate to send the player(s) home at the expense of their parents immediately! The rules are in place to ensure a great experience and to keep everyone safe.

Q: Can my daughter get the uniform number that she wants?
A: If she is lucky. Uniforms will be printed 1-15 and handed out according to size chosen. Please, no requesting of uniform numbers. Hopefully luck is on your side and you get the number you wanted.